My Philosophy

I empower my clients to transform their lives through gentle changes that promote balance and support the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

In contrast to conventional medicine, I see every individual through a holistic lens that integrates mind, body, & spirit. Our emotions & spiritual development have profound effects on our physical health, & vice-verse.

Similarly, I recognize that all individuals are different. I do not treat medical conditions; rather, I take into account all of the factors that either support or interfere with the health of the individual. A recommendation that works for one person experiencing an imbalance may not be appropriate for another with those same complaints. I look at the big picture to find the root of an issue, which is not always immediately apparent.

Often clients are surprised to learn that herbs are only a small part of my recommendations. In some instances, I don’t recommend herbs at all! Rather, I begin by removing the source of imbalance. Next, I focus on tailoring diet and lifestyle to support the individual. Finally, I recommend herbs to catalyze the changes that have already taken place. If I can help you find your balance without spending money on herbs, then I would rather pursue that path. Depending on the circumstances, I might also recommend aromatherapy, flower essences, bodywork, exercises, or other modalities.

My practice is not informed by health fads or celebrity “gurus” but by healing traditions & wisdom that span thousands of years. We cannot find the answers to very complex issues at the bottom of a bottle of essential oil or in a pill that claims to reverse all of your ailments. Instead, I gravitate toward safe & proven therapies that have stood the test of time. 

While holistic health is nothing new, its principles are increasingly affirmed by science every day. I value the contributions of science and modern medicine as crucial components of any health regimen. I do not subscribe to holistic absolutism, and I welcome clients who prefer to continue the treatments prescribed by medical doctors. Holistic and conventional therapies can coexist beautifully, and I always research any potential interactions before I make a recommendation. When I feel that a client needs medical attention, I refer out to a physician. 

If you feel that you would benefit from this approach, let’s get in touch!