The Best Herbs for Cold & Flu Season

Have you been dodging bullets this cold & flu season? Or maybe you’re feeling sick of getting sick? With so much information out there, you might be wondering which remedies are really the best for staying healthy during cold & flu season.

I see so much misinformation out there, and even though I always had some herbal remedies up my sleeve, I didn’t always choose the best ones. But now you’re in luck! Rosalee de la Forêt and John Gallagher from Learning Herbs have teamed up for an awesome free webinar this Wednesday, February 10 at 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern. They’ll be covering topics such as:

  • Is echinacea really the most appropriate remedy for all colds?
  • How can we support our immune systems throughout cold & flu season?
  • Which herbs should we take at the start of a cold to stop it from taking hold?

As if that’s not enough, they’ll also have a Q&A session during the webinar! Think ahead & jot down some questions you might want to ask… If you attend the live webinar, you get to pick the brains of two leading herbalists!

In my early herbster days, I myself signed up for a similar webinar a few years ago with Rosalee & John. It really helped kickstart my herbal education & gave me confidence to figure out the most appropriate remedies for my family. I ranted & raved to all of my friends about the webinar, but they haven’t organized another one until now. Do not miss this opportunity! Even if you can’t attend live, you can still register and they might be nice enough to provide a recording to those who signed up.

Reserve your spot & sign up here!

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link and I may receive a small commission if you register for the webinar using the link that I provided. However, I never recommend anything I haven’t first tried & enjoyed myself. Your support helps keep this blog running!

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