Stephanie McCann | Professional Herbalist

My name is Stephanie Robinson, and I am a professional herbalist and photographer. I live in Northern California where I explore the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada, Pacific Coast, & Central Valley.

Herbalism, while now my greatest passion, was not always something that appealed to me. I was hardly an outdoorsy kind of kid… I was even afraid to touch plants for fear of a creepy crawly thing popping out from under a leaf! The revolutionary process of getting back in touch with nature has been the single biggest factor in my wellbeing. After many years struggling with health problems that my doctors dismissed as normal, I began experimenting with different remedies. Through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the help of some plant allies, I radically transformed my health.

Today, it is my greatest pleasure to share this gift with others. Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves if we are able to tune into what they need. I do not consider myself a healer; rather, I help others get in touch with whatever it is that they need to heal themselves.

Education & Experience

Although I have thousands of hours of herbal education, I constantly strive to learn more. Some of my many teachers are aromatherapist, goddess of the garden, & clinical Western herbalist Kathi Keville; acupuncturist, plant scientist, and master of mycology Christopher Hobbs; and planetary herbalists // Traditional Chinese Medicine rockstars Michael & Lesley Tierra.

You might recognize me from HAALo, where I worked as a practitioner. Maybe you have read one of my articles for Floracopeia or Herbal Remedies Magazine. Or maybe we haven’t met, in which case, I’m so glad you’re here!

The Products

Golden State Botanicals uses the highest-quality ingredients, which means organically grown or ethically & sustainably wildharvested. Some of these I even harvest myself, taking great care to ensure healthy ecosystems and continued abundance of these plants in the wild. All products are made with California native herbs as well as high-quality essential oils in responsible dilutions.